Clear Sunset Car Wash Mystery Shopper Survey
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1=Unacceptable, 2=Below Average, 3=Average,  4=Above Average, 5=Excellent, 6=N/A
To make your selection, press a number then press TAB to move to the next field. Facility inside
FACILITY NOTES  (optional)

If your response to either of the above two questions was below a 5, please state why. We are looking for cleanliness and order, items that are in the manager's control.

QUALITY Vehicle exterior clean
Vacuum carpets & mats
Wipe exterior
  Empty ash trays
  Clean windows/mirrors
  Wipe dash board/ cup holders
  Wipe center console
  Clean whitewalls
  Wipe door panels
  Wipe door jambs
  Wipe steering column
QUALITY NOTES  (optional)
QUALITY - SPECIAL SERVICES If you ordered any Special Services, please specify and comment:

Service Advisor (greeter)    

How long did you wait in line?

EMPL# (on receipt header):
Did the SA greet you quickly after servicing customers ahead of you? Prompt approach?
  Friendly greeting?
  Professional presentation?
Special services are anything on top of the base car wash (i.e. Better, Best, Express Wax, carpet shampoo).

Did the Service Advisor ask you: 1) if you would like to purchase an upgrade
2) did they ask you in some form about 1, 3 or Unlimited?
(If you answered No to either of the above, enter NO here, and explain below)

  Was he/she too "pushy"?
  Were you thanked and asked if there is anything we can pay special attention to today?

Service Advisor Notes   (optional)    



Did employee at entrance tunnel guide you on to the conveyor carefully and treat you with courtesy?
  Was your experience going through our tunnel comfortable for you?

Quality Control Inspector (Check-out)  


Neat appearance, good hygiene?
Polite/Friendly Greeting?
Ok could be "good", "satisfactory," etc. Did our inspector come and get you and say "Clean silver Mazda is ready" and address you by your name?
  Put ground mat down for you to wipe your feet on?
  Does everything meet your expectations today?

FINISHING CREW  Notes   (optional)    



Name (optional)
  Were you greeted?
         If not, the manager was....

Manager  Notes   (optional)  


Any notes to Clear Sunset?

Please comment on if the lot was easy to navigate, and your experience while travelling thru the tunnel.

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