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To submit a comment regarding the QUALITY, SPEED, PRICING or PERSONNEL of a recent visit to Jax, please visit our Comments page. We respond personally to every message.

Unlimited Club Questions

To contact us for UNLIMITED CLUB questions, click here to submit an email. But first, check the MEMBER SUPPORT page! You'll find just about any answer there!

Other Questions (FastPass / Preferred Customer, Promotions & Discounts, Detailing, etc.)

To contact us for other questions, please visit our Questions page. However, you are likely to get an immediate answer on our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Alternative Contact Method - Email

Email us at

(you will receive an email where you have to confirm that you are not a spammer, so the 2 options above will be faster).

Voicemail Comments

To leave comments via voice mail, call (248) 353-4700, x208.

Snail Mail

Jax Kar Wash, 28845 Telegraph Road, Southfield, MI 48034.

A Real Person

Call (248) 353-4700, x2 (operator), or see below for specific extensions.

- Unlimited Club Jason & Rita

Please check check the MEMBER SUPPORT page first.

If your question isn't answered there, Jason or Rita will return your call quickly on weekdays;
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to submit
phone number.

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- Value Cards
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- Corporate Accounts
Jason Jason will return your call quickly on weekdays;
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phone number.
Donations Miriam x 214
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General Manager Dave x 208
Controller Dick x 207
Bookkeeping /
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Becky x 211
Hiring / Jobs
Line, Greeters, Cashiers
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