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Unlimited Club - Membership Support


How can we help you?


Our on-line system provides you with all the answers you need! When you securely log in to your account, you can view or change your settings. Below, see screen-shots of how to perform any task. Videos coming soon!


  • Payment History
  • Plan History (i.e. changes to your plan)
  • All the vehicles listed under your name (and their plan details)
  • Your next billing date
  • Need help logging in?



  • Billing Address - where your credit card statement is delivered (PLEASE keep up to date!)
  • Update Credit card expiration date
  • Change a Credit Card number
  • ADD an additional Credit Card number (to keep more than one on file)
  • Delete an unused Credit Card number
  • Receipt Delivery (an email after each successful billing)
  • Change/Replace a Vehicle (new car, swap to your other car)
  • Change JUST a license plate, but keep the same car
  • Vacation Hold (leaving for a month or 2?┬áPut your plan on hold.)
  • Change Payment Method (associate a different credit card to a specific vehicle)
  • Billing frequency (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually)
  • Change Membership Type (Full-Service, Full-Service Everything, Exterior-Only, etc.)
  • Add a vehicle to my plan
  • Cancel a vehicle
  • Reinstate a previously cancelled vehicle
  • Update your email address and/or phone number



Can't find what you're looking for here? Please contact us via email and we'll get right back with you (weekdays).