The Jax Value Card


RETIRED learn more about it's replacement, please see our Rewards Program page.

ACTIVATING YOUR VALUE CARD: There is no need to activate it anymore since we have retired the program. The program that replaces it is the Rewards Program. Please present your Value Card at a location so they may move the Punches & Pointes to your FastPass.


I have 2 or more Value Cards with punches & points on it.
Can I combine them?

Sure. Just present both cards to a manager at any location, and we will combine the values of both cards on to your new FastPass.

More About Converting from Value Card to a FastPass:


On your next visit to a location with the new system, we will be issuing you a FastPass (windshield sticker). All of your Punches & Points from your Value Card will be transferred to your PC account. Just show your Value Card so we can move the values over.

Q. How do I get my Punches & Points moved from my Value Card to my FastPass?
A. Just present your Value Card on your next visit, and the cashier can move the values over.


Q. When will my Punches & Points get moved from my Value Card to my FastPass?
A. Immediately after you present your Value Card to the cashier, and he/she moves the values over. This may not show on today's receipt, but will on the receipt of your next visit.


Q. How can I check the values on my old Value Card?
A. Click here to look them up.


Q. How can I check the values on my new FastPass?
A. At this time, you can't check them on line, but you'll see them on the bottom of your next receipt.